Do-It-Yourself Legal Documents

When you need someone to prepare legal documents at your direction and on your behalf, rely on Justice Tax & Document Services, Inc. in Victorville, California. We can provide you with a dependable legal document assistant to take care of your needs.

What Is an LDA?

It is suggested that you have a clear understanding of your legal rights and your specific legal needs before getting help from an LDA. If you want to know your legal rights, speak with an attorney. Keep in mind that LDAs cannot give you any legal advice. They can only assist you in preparing, filing, and serving legal documents.

Full-Service Document Preparation

We all look for results when we engage the court system. Sometimes, misfiling or submitting incomplete documents may result in delays or an unfavorable decision. There is no guarantee in any case. What we can do is make certain that your documents are prepared completely and accepted by the court. We also offer court runner services when you need your documents filed with the court in a timely manner.

Tax Preparation Services