We Are Authorized to Notarize

Justice Tax & Document Services, Inc. in Victorville, California offers notary public and “mobile notary” services at rates you can afford. Bonded and insured, our notary public certifies the proper execution of several documents including grant deed, power of attorney, and legal agreements.

We also offer notary services for inmates (travel fees apply).

Limitations and Obligations

A notary public is prohibited to act in situations where they have an interest. It is the notary’s duty to screen the signers of important documents. A notary is also required to observe if signatories are:

  • Acting Under Their True Identities
  • Acting Without Duress

  • Aware of the Contents of the Document

  • Willing Parties

Service Fees

We charge $10.00 for each signature in a notarized document. If you require mobile services, we charge an additional fee for travel.

Call Us for Appointments

After-hour and weekend appointments are available for this service. Get in touch with us for more information.

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